McBride Sisters

Everyone can relate to and has a sister, whether she is family or a close friend. This brand is created by two sisters who went to great lengths to find each other and then bonded over a common passion - bringing people together and having a fantastic time! Today the Sisters; best friends & business partners, are very passionate about re - imagining the culture of wine. They are the new generation of wine Vintner and blend their style and passion into all aspects of their business.  

Robin & Andréa McBride

Andréa McBride was born in Los Angeles and raised in New Zealand, where she got to learn firsthand the art of grape farming from her uncle in Marlborough. From tending the vines as a child to drinking the wine as an adult, her love affair with the New Zealand grape and the land it grows on has been a long an enduring one. While studying at The University of Southern California Andréa had her wine inspired epiphany one night shortly before graduation… “All I want to do is drink great wine, have a good time and make a difference in the world!

It was a cry that was heard all the way in Monterey California, by her sister Robin. Also born in Los Angeles, Robin was raised in beautiful Monterey around coastal tide pools, forests and vineyards. Having interests in physics and chemistry and after years in corporate America, she was ready for something more fulfilling and Andréa's vision clicked. The sisters both worked tirelessly to mould their different ideas and passions into a reality - it was destiny.     

And so was born. A company that is as much about respecting the environment and great tasting  sustainable wines, as it is about living life and having a great time. “We believe that everybody can be innovative and creative in their own way, Wines is our way.